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N Books Series I also loved Marina There are our of these novels left the Another Day of Life first is the Prince of Mist This second one called the Midnight Palace is also named Niebla 2 But I have no idea who Niebla is nor how the books might be connected Even though they are extremely similar in nature and style There is a Niebla 3The Midnight Palace does divertrom the usual style as it is set in Calcutta not Spain But all the rest of the other elements are there Children in danger due to a dark spirit What Would You Like? from the past usually thatalls into a Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, familial generation line of past wrongs and misdeeds mixed with mental illness There are haunted mansionsire a child or children sought Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, for death There are dark tunnels mixed with old legends It was a dark misty poorly constructed kind of a mess It was hard toollow and I didn t uite like it My guess is that the last two novels will resemble of the same But I guess we will se. Ad de los palaciosLa gente ue puebla sus calles sabe ue la verdadera historia ue escrita en las páginas invisibles de sus espíritus en sus maldiciones calladas y ocult.

Rds I was waiting or the time when they all sang and the book went musical I understand that it is meant The Longevity Diet for teenagers and that you wrote it back in the 1990s But some things are better left in the past there is no reason to bring it back again when you have written the angels game and shadow of the wind nevertheless any book that is written by Zafon h Who are the lunatics asked Jawahal The ones who see horror in the heart of theirellow humans and search or peace at any price Or the ones who pretend they don t see what s going on around them The world Ben belongs either to lunatics or hypocrites There are no other races on this earth You must choose which one to belong to In my yearlong course to read everything of Carlos Ruiz Zafon I am now into his recent YA novels each that have a similar theme to them I loved the uartetuintent of novels that comprise the Shadow of the WindCemetery of Forgotte. L principioEn la víspera de cumplir dieciséis años Ben Sheere y sus amigos de la Chowbar Society deberán enfrentarse al más terrible enigma de la historia de la ciud.

My disappointment in this book can be described in three words Insufficiently explained superpowers Didn t really like this oneI m not really sure whyMaybe it s because I didn t like Benor maybe it s because I wasn t particularly interested in the storyI liked all the other charactersthoI have to admit that I ve skimmed through the last 40 pages I just don t understand why Jawahal had to make everything so reaking complicatedLikestop being so dramaticdudeThe endingon the other handI actually really likedIt was a good conclusion to their journey The only reason that I am giving this book a star is because I happen to be a Zafon s an But seriously now Calcutta 1930 no disrespect at all I hated the Chowbar society members all of them and I was sympethtic to Jawahel villain but Zafon my man this thing sounded like a movie rom Bollywood I mean a necklace that is split in two twins names written backwa. Calcuta 1932 El corazón de las tinieblas Un tren en llamas atraviesa la ciudad Un espectro de uego siembra el terror en las sombras de la noche Pero eso no es más ue

( EBOOK El Palacio de la Medianoche ) by Carlos Ruiz Zafón – dedelicate.com

Carlos Ruiz Zafón was a Spanish novelist Born in Barcelona in 1964 he lived in Los Ángeles United States since 1994 and worked as a scriptwriter aside from writing novelsHis first novel El príncipe de la niebla The Prince of Mist 1993 earned the Edebé literary prize for young adult fiction He is also the author of three young adult novels El palacio de la medianoche 1994 Las l