Epub download By the Kings Design BY Christine Trent – dedelicate.com

Epub download By the Kings Design BY Christine Trent – dedelicate.com

Istine Trent has done a really great job with creating a cast of diverse intriguing and sympathetic characters to mingle with the big players of the past The nd is once again uite interesting to read It s Bark even better andxciting than the beginning But is it worth wading through the filler I m not so sureThe last name Boyce is a variant of my own last name Boyse and as my father s family is from Britain I found it On Such a Full Sea entertaining to imagine the characters as distant relatives of a sort Wesley s plot and arc are uniue and interesting view spoilerI ll admit that I did shed a few tears at Wesley s death scene hide spoiler This book was bizarre like three different books shuffled together There was a great deal of time spent on Prinny and his offenses all of which were unnecessary to the main story also too descriptive and inappropriate The author also went into a lot of detail about the Royal Pavilion the Luddites and other random historical tidbits I would be hesitant to read another of the author s books based on the hodge podge style of this oneDescriptions of Prinny s misbehavior border on drop the book inappropriateDescriptions of Luddite plansbehaviorpunishments too graphic Machines are just beginning todge skilled workers out of their trades and England s fabric croppers are none too pleased about it When Belle Stirling installs a new gig mill in her fabric shop to increase production she doesn t believe that anyone could protest what she does in her own business The outraged croppers do take offense to it though and they storm Belle s shop and destroy the machine sending Belle in a fury to London to complain to the government After having difficulty making anyone take her seriously in Parliament she is surprisingly summoned to visit the Prince Regent the future King George IV She charms the prince and becomes a draper for his new palace nsuring a steady income for her new London shop and guaranteeing a long line of clients anxious to have the same fabrics the prince uses Although all should be wonderful it isn t Something is wrong with her brother Wesley who seems to be keeping secret after secret from her and her commitment to her shop may keep her from making a commitment to a man she lovesThis novel had verything I love from Trent s books a strong capable female heroine who isn t afraid to stand up for herself fascinating historical detail and a wonderful romance that keeps you guessing on whether it will work out or not Though I have never been all that interested by fabrics By the King s Design made not only the process but the history behind fabric making interesting The main character Belle truly makes the book and I believe she is my favorite of Trent s characters thus far Because she is angry about men destroying her shop she marches to Parliament to do something about it She always does what she feels is right and you really have to applaud her for it Cannibal even when it seems as though it may not be the best decision at the time Another thing I love about Trent s books are the cameos that historical figures make in her books and I was soxcited to see Jane Austen make an appearance Though she only plays a small part her personality shines through and she became one of my favorite characters Another character I loved was Put who cut a very dashing figure and was the kind of reliable man any girl would dream of but still had his faults which to me made him that much interesting Overall this was a fantastic read and I will continue to read anything Christine Trent writesPlease note I received a copy of this novel from the author in Mastered (The Enforcers, exchange for an honest review I appreciated how dense with historical information this is I didn t know how much I wanted to read about rampaging Luddites until now I just wish all the descriptive language and historicalxposition was in service of a tight well constructed plot After a strong start the middle of this book drags so much I almost abandoned it It picks up again in the Man, Son of Man end but I wish the middle third wasn t so meandering The rating should probably be a little higher but just didn t warrant a 4 star The cover is beautiful thoughFor a complete review visit Affaire de Coeur magazine hard copy or online at February 2012 issue This third outing from Christine Trent again brings us into the life of a young craftswoman this time a draper Belle Stirling has to push back against the opinion that a woman should not be in charge of a business as well as the undercurrents that are swirling around in society Belle Hile there the Prince Regent future King George IV commissions her to provide fabrics for his Royal Pavilion As Belle’s renown spreads she meets handsome cabinetmaker Putnam Boyce but worries that marriage will mean sacrificing her now flourishing shop And after Wesley plots to kidnap the newly crowned King whose indiscretions are surfacing she finds herselfntangled in a duplicitous world of shifting allegiances Painting a vivid portrait of life in the British Regency Christine Trent spins a harrowing tale of ambition vengeance love and complex loyalties against the dynamic backdrop of the ar.

As to become her own woman and manage her own shop while also becoming one of the drapers who is working on the Prince Regents new pavilionThis was my first Regency read and up until this point I wasn t ven sure what that xactly meant This was a great introduction for me as I felt that through Christine Trent s pen I was able to get to know the Prince Regent and ultimately King George IV I found out that I didn t really like him although at the same time during the interactions he had with Belle he didn t seem uite so boorish The issues that the Prince should have been facing were well detailed as were all of his mistresses and passions It is impossible to talk about By the King s Design without bringing comparisons to A Royal Likeness and The ueen s Dollmaker I loved the nods to both of these books that the author included within this novel Claudette Laurent has a small role in this book and a few of the vents from A Royal Likeness are mentioned It was a nice treat to the readers of these books I didn t find Belle as compelling of a character as Claudette or Marguerite from her prior books The two prior heroines were street smart and their own women while Belle seemed to rely on the men in her life too much for my liking She seemed to be clueless to the things going on around her most of the time As for the other characters in this story I really Uncommon Wisdom enjoyed Wesley Belle s brother He inherently finds troubleverywhere he goes and gets mixed up in some interesting situations Put the cabinet maker was uite the gentleman who I think Unseen City every girl would be happy with There is also a famous author who makes her acuaintance with Belle and that was a great surprise I will let you figure out who for yourselfI love how Christine Trent includes some lesser known craft professions within her books this time cabinetmaking and drapery I found myself wishing for a few details about the fabric shops and drapery while I felt comfortable with the amount of cabinetry information included Overall this was anothernjoyable uick and compelling read from Christine Trent I can t wait to see what she brings to us nextThis book was received for review from the author I was not compensated for my opinions and the above is my honest review 35I read across all time periods in historical fiction but I think the Regency period in England s history is probably one of the ones I ve read the least about I am glad that I got to remedy that with this delightful novel which begins as Luddites those opposed to the technological advances of the Industrial Revolution are menacing the English countryside and attacking merchants who are buying the new Art euipment that is replacing their jobs Annabelle Sterling and her brother Wesley are victims of one such attack and when the spirited Annabelle realizes that those she trusted may have been behind it she goes to London to protest the law turning a blindye to these miscreants and also to start her business anew Unfortunately Annabelle catches the God Is in the Crowd eye of the Prince Regent a man who is interested in sporting the latest fashions than governing the country and while her association with the Prince Regent brings her a remarkable change in fortunes she manages to glide right into the path of danger atvery turn often with than a little help from her brother WesleyWhat I love about Christine Trent s books are that she manages to combine a little known trade this time cloth making with a spunky heroine against a backdrop of rich historical detail for the period she writes about I also like that her books have a lightness about them managing to capture the nuances of the period and letting the drama the protagonist finds herself in unfold while still being a lot of fun to readWhile reading I did want to reach through the pages and shake some sense into Annabelle as her stubbornness and refusal to listen to anyone led her into yet another sticky situation Our heroine Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard experiences uite a lot of tragedy and misfortune throughout the book as well butven though she was a trouble magnet I admired her spirit Bonus points for the several pages long author s note at the back giving a run down of the period and what was based in fact or fictionalized I love when authors include thisI sped right through this and then went to Barnes Noble and grabbed A Royal Likeness which is the author s other book I hadn t read yet Check this out if you like the Regency period or if like me you want to read about it but aren t uite sure where to start review copy for tour participatio. Ly Industrial Revolution Praise for the novels of Christine Trent “Marguerite is a strong heroine and following her adventures is njoyableReaders interested in the battle of Trafalgar will find this retelling compelling” Publishers Weekly on A Royal LikenessReaders are truly gifted with a wondrous portrait Romantic Times on A Royal Likeness 4 stars “Exuberant sparkling beguilingbrims with Dickensian gusto” Barbara Kyle author of The ueen’s Lady on The ueen’s Dollmaker“Winningly originalglittering with atmospheric detail Leslie Carroll author of Royal Affairs on The ueen’s Dollmake.

This one is xcellentI really njoyed the details of the rise of industry in the midst of Regency England So much upheaval and suffering was going on while the beau monde waltzed and while the Prince Regent built his laborate palaces Annabelle Stirling is a charming heroine with courage and uiet strength She faces the world as it is and meets it on its own terms while never compromising herself or her values Not an When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) easy feat when serving a corrupt prince Set during the time of the Industrial Revolution By the King s Design tells the story of Annabelle Stirling a courageous woman searching for a way to maintain her values and livelihood alone in a man s world Torn between the proscribed role of a woman and the role of a draper after the death of her parents Annabelle must continue her father s legacy doing the work he taught her to love Caught between thexpectations of others and the need to work for her own living Annabelle begins to work for the Prince Regent while maintaining her own shop in London A tale of betrayal love and a woman s triumph in By the King s Design Christine Trent delves into the world of Regency England as it was with all its upheavals and suffering Historically fascinating with characters who draw you in this fine novel carries you back into the past I highly recommend this book This is the third book I read by historical novelist Christine Trent Both The ueen s Dollmaker and A Royal Likeness were books that transported me back in history making me see it through the No Biggy! eyes of strong heroines with unusual professions as the author puts it Yes this is what I love the most about Trent s books the main characters are tradeswomen who somehow get involved in some way with real life historical figuresThis time we meet Annabell By the King s Design by Christine Trent was the second book of hers that I have read There are a few drawbacks to this book that I want to get out of the way first The pace of the book was uneven It got off to a great start but then slowed down in the middle The best part was the last third of the book By then the pace rose to breakneck speed I would have preferred to have the middle shortened Also I didn t like how the men seemed to beither so very good or so terribly bad That didn t seem realisticThe book opens in April 1812 there is a meeting of Luddites in Yorkshire England Not being familiar with that part of English history I was confused Who were the Luddites I had never heard of King Ludd before I stopped reading and went to get informationI was amazed at how very complicated it was to make cloth before the Industrial Revolution There were so many steps and many different specialists at difference cloth making jobs With the mechanization of the process the material wasn t of such good uality as before but the uantity of it increased great Many specialists were shut out of their jobsI Crush It! enjoyed being introduced to Annabelle aka Belle Stirling at the arrival of her new gig mill She was very intelligent and inuisitive and fiercely loyal to her brother She was too loyal for me to swallow I didn t know why she keepsxcusing her brother s bad behavior to herself My patience would have run out much sooner But I did love the rest of her character She was so shrewd honest and hardworking and learned so fast So once again I fell in love with the main character I did not like her brother Wesley at all Even before he became a steady opium user he just thought of himself and what he could get anyone for himself The other male Put he was called seemed just a little too forgiving and perfectJane Austin paid a surprise visit in this book and now I understand what her purpose was in writing her books I really like her as a person I would have liked information about Beau Brummel to appear in this book as he was such a big influence on dressI recommend this historical fiction book to all those interested in the beginning of the Industrial Revolution the reign of the Regent King George and the importance of style to the well off and the royalty to this time periodI received this book from the Member Giveaway of The Library Thing and that in no way influenced my review This book holds a special place in my heart as my first giveaway win ProsBy the King s Design is very well detailed and researched It Attracting Birds to Your Backyard establishes a real sense of the time period and richly portrays the story against a backdrop of historical facts The beginning isxcellent It grabs your attention immediately and draws you into the world from the very start Chr. Strong willed Annabelle Stirling is than capable of running the family draper shop after the untimely death of her parents Under her father’s tutelage she became a talented cloth merchant while her brother Wesley the true heir was busy philandering about Yorkshire Knowing she must change with the times to survive Belle installs new machinery that finishes twice the fabric in half the time it takes by hand But not Deep Listening everyone is sonthusiastic Soon riled up by Belle’s competitors the outmoded workers seek violent revenge Her shop destroyed Belle travels to London to seek redress from Parliament


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