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Butter and Banana Instead of Mafia esue Trenton New Jersey the setting is Tupelo MI the birthplace of Elvis The author creates a sickeningly Southern mafia esue family that keeps reminding you how Southern is Literally The protagonist explains to the reader that That s just how things are done in the South in an As you know Bob fashion Although the author clearly tries to emphasize the eccentric nature of all the characters and especially the Valentine family none of the characters are as ovable or interesting as their Evanovich counterpartsThe most painful part of the book is the female protagonist She is a hair dresser who is shoe crazy and finances her mother s gambling problem repeatedly justifying her bad habits and destructive behavior to herself Granted Student Research Projects in Calculus looks are important for a hair dresser but I do not believe it is necessary to repeatedly inform the reader in detail of the insignificant superficial descriptions of minor characters Further the protagonist continues to sleep with her ex husband the second he enters the room after spending paragraph after paragraph dawdling over how she needs to move on Where is her backbone Where is her self respect Where is her intelligence and what on earth makes her interesting I m from the South I am also an avid dogover mystery over and animal mystery over I found this book insulting frustrating and disappointing This is over the top silliness but I enjoyed it Callie and Lovie are cousins who have to find a missing corpse for their familyWhat I enjoyed I Love for Imperfect Things liked Callie Lovie and the family While they are different they areoyal The chapters from dog Elvis s POV were fun especially as he believes he is the reincarnation of ElvisWhat could be better Jack He needs to come clean and fix the marriage instead of just showing up for sex whenever They really didn t do much to catch the killer view spoilerShe pretty much just confessed during the funeral hide spoiler. S showgirl mistress Bubble Malone But their A Heart of Stone luck runs out when Bubble decides to join her man in the afterlife With the poisonous Laton family tree providing plenty of rotten suspects Callie along with some help from her basset hound Elvis is determined to crack this case and have a killer singing Jailhouse Rock in time for her next haircutting appointmentPure southernunacy of the best possible kind Laurien Berens.

Elvis ain t nothin but a hound dog iterally Elvis is a purebred Basset Hound of Tupelo Mississippi He s a hunka hunka burnin ove and the only dog in Tupelo Mississippi to be the reincarnation of Elvis Presley Elvis the hound dog I Language and Linguistics love crime and mystery books This book is great because it adds humor which you often do not see I wasaughing so hard I cannot wait to ready the next one This has a Basset Hound in the story and on the cover need I say Perfect Divertimento little cozy mystery Likeable characters andaugh out Love Is a Fairy Tale loud moments Ioved the chapters written from Elvis perspective the Basset hound I am eager to read the next Elvis adveture I would recommend this to anyone who Promise at Dawn likes cozy mysteries 99 US today It has dogs and my friend Barb recommended the series How could I resist I had such high hopes for this book but felt the author was trying so hard to be funny that for me it wasn t I was just rolling my eyes The clueless main character is Callie a hairdresser with an ex husband she still has sex with a gambling addicted mother and an sidekick who is an generous sized woman whooves sex Oh and the dog who doesn t really play as big a role as the blurb would have you expect He occasionally pops into the story and relates it from his point of view while having romantic iaison with a poodle It s all go in the south I am a over of slapstick type humour but this just didn t make the grade for me as it seemed contrived I just didn t bond with any of the characters not even the dog Could it be because I am not an Elvis fan Well possibly but there wasn t a whole ot of of Elvisisms not sure if that is actually a word but I am making it one really Could it be because of the way the Southerners were portrayed Not at all in that area the characters seem to be fine The story just didn t grab me the characters didn t grab me I guessed how it was going to end about half way through and I just didn t find it funny I was. They say you can't get to Heaven without passing through the Eternal Rest Funeral Home And no one gets into Eternal Rest without passing muster with Elvis the basset hound who's convinced he's the reincarnation of the King of Rock 'n' Roll Brewing up a big ol' pitcher of Mississippi mystery Peggy Webb's delightful new series is as intoxicating as the Delta breezeNormally Callie Valentine Jones spends her days fixing.

Really disappointed as was hoping for better Cute cute cute comfy mystery It is not going to be a iterary Noble prize winner and I don t believe it is meant to be Completely entertaining Told from the point of view of Callie and her dog Elvis Elvis believes well he is Elvis reincarnated as a Basset Hound Callie is a mixed up southern belle trying to divorce her husband because he won t have children Meanwhile Callie and her friend Lovey find themselves in all sorts of pickles Elvis and the Dearly Departed is a wonderful first novel to a series I am going to continue reading I enjoyed this one that much I have the second one waiting to be read now I The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery love mysteries and crime novels and this one sounded to good to resist I have to admit I do have a soft spot for Basset HoundsIn this novel we meet the Valentine s who all I won tie I completely picked this book up ONLY because of the Basset Hound I Darkmere love the cozy mystery style as well but as the human Mommy of a Basset Hound that is what pulled me to this book Is this book as strong as some of the other cozy mysteries I ve read I would have to say no but it was a WHOLE LOT OF FUN Ioved the fact that I had NO idea who committed the crime I Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? ll admit I usually don t I m really not much of a detectiveand I didove the bit of mixed up romance within the story as well However I will say that I did not Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den love how completely clueless Callie is and I hate that she seems to have sorta separated from her husband because of the fact he bought a motorcycle To me that just seems ridiculous but at the same time in a way the ridiculousness of the chara This book was painfully bad To begin with it is a poor ripoff of the Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series A previously married female protagonist striking it out on her own In the place of plus sized sidekick Lula is plus sized cousin Lovie The Stephanie sandwiches of Peanut Butter and Olives are replaced with Callie s Peanut. Up the hairdos of the dead but when the corpse ofocal prominent physician Dr Leonard Laton goes missing it's bad for business So Callie and her cousin Lovie Eternal Rest's resident wake caterer have no choice but to go in hot pursuit of the recently embalmed ast seen bound for Vegas by way of downtown Tupelo In Vegas Callie and Lovie hit the jackpot when they find the dearly departed inside a freezer owned by hi.

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( FREE Elvis and The Dearly Departed ) Ø Peggy Webb – dedelicate.com

wwwelainehusseycom An actress and musician as well as a writer Peggy composed the blues lyrics that appear throughout The Sweetest Hallelujah She has been in many stage plays at her local community theater and says the role she enjoyed most was the Witch in The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe I was playing against type she says Peggy loves gardening playing piano singing in her church choir hanging out on her front porch with friends and owning dogs who think they are the boss She considers her greastest accomplishment raising two wonderful children who are good people good citizens and good parents She says I adore my four grandchildren who call me Gigi Thank goodness the feeling is mutual Series

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