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R that being comfortable is good but stepping out of our comfort zones and pursuing our deepest desires is way better This book was amazing Once I finished I immediately knew that a re read would be necessary in order to catch all of the gems and wisdom and take notes Tina Lifford is truly thee inner workout coach and trainer This book is well written and easy to ready It s full of honesty and aha moments She lays out the blueprint for living well removing the barriers that hold s back and how to thrive This is one book that you will need to keep on the nightstand and refer to over and over again This is a must read in the area of Self care Tina has created some easy to model tools for The Ancient Central Andes unpacking the baggage that weighss down and keeps Lover Extraordinaire (Extraordinaire, us playing small Once the bags arenpacked new stuff goes in like self appreciation and a renewed zest for life I love the simplicity of the book There are 14 stories that help identify life sucking lies and how to knock them down to size I really recommend this book for anyone who has Christmas With A Hero unresolved hurts that seem to mask life s joy and happiness Great reminder of how to change our negative ways of thinking We often forget how to boost ourselvesp and think positively We constantly need reminders of how to think of ourselves positively We have reinforced negative thinking by remembering negative scenarios rather than the positive ones I suggest everyone pick p this book to remind yourself that you can generate positive energy around you Maybe a little memoir than self help book and religious based woo woo than scientific based fact 25 stars for me this isn t really my jam. Istake The Little Book of Big Lies is not a “rah rah” ick fix for fear and pain Like physical fitness building and maintaining emotional strength reuires continued effort This invaluable book is the foundation you need to start building inner health and well being so you can thriveTina guides you on a journey of self discovery that will help you turn shame into self acceptance self rejection into self love blame into freedom and old hurt into power Wise and powerful The Little Book of Big Lies will completely change how you think and liv.

As a lover of personal growth and self development books I found The Little Book of Big Lies very fulfilling Tina drops a lot of gems within these pages I had many ah ha moments while reading journaling this book To begin Tina introduces s to three parts of ourselves1 T The fearful part of s that is always ready to fight to protect itself A Ta Place uick to judge and take things personally 2 T S The part of ourselves that want to grow Believes everything can change for the better 3 T SELF The God withins The highest self In the book we learn how we are affected by these three parts of ourselves The Mortal Sin ultimate goal is to leave behind the surviving self because it serves little to no purpose in adulthood Living from the surviving self is what causes problems like insecurities anxiety and many other emotional issues We must graduate from the surviving self to the thriving Self What I enjoyed about the book is that it s not over complicated It is very easy to read Even when the author introduces a new concept she provides simple definitions fors to How to Win an Argument... Even When You Lose understand Her ability to break down her theories in a relatable easy to process way is what I like most Another great aspect of the book is that it is filled with many thought provokingestions For example on page 62 Tina asks What does your mind dwell on when you don t pay attention I think this is a great estion Most people live on mental autopilot not giving any consideration to their own thoughts But this book allows s to see how our Aquinass Way to God unconscious thoughts affectss both physically and emotionallyTina tackles so many concepts She writes about insecurity and confidence. An inspiring and illuminating guide to true self care from the sage teacher and breakout star of the critically acclaimed drama een Sugar from Executive Producers Oprah Winfrey and Ava DuVernay for OWNIn all your years of schooling did you ever take a single class that explained how to navigate the hurt drama and fear that come with living Tina Lifford sure didn’t She learned the hard way through experience as both a Hollywood actress and as the founder of the personal development network The Inner Fitness Project Now she brings together

epub online The Little Book of Big Lies AUTHOR Tina Lifford – dedelicate.com

The necessity to change the power of visualization how to handle negative emotions the truth about becoming pset and so much This book is a very easy and The Hokku or Epigram Versus of Basho uick read If you re looking to increase your emotional I then you may want to add this book to your library Is there a grade better than A This book should receive that grade It would be a disservice for me to try and re explain the lessons taught here instead anyone should just give it a read or listen the author reads the audiobook I appreciated learning about why we experience the same pain and dysfunction over and over in life and how to stop the cycle I love self help books so my affinity probably sways my rating But I really enjoyed how the author shared her experiences wove inplifting words of encouragement in the text I also enjoyed the explorationtransformation of Self and Source If you don t believe in those things this book may not resonate with you This book was very powerful A must read and definitely one that I have to reread often in my self developmenrgrowth journey The Little Book of Big Lies is brilliant The Prison Ramen use of elevenestions and hence eleven answers told in engaging life stories leading to an nderstanding of p Fearful Symmetry until now and from this point forward is life changing Simply put this book resonates andnlike many books in this genre it is easy and actionable not overwhelming Thank you Tina Lifford for this gem sharing your approach on a return to Self This book is a must read We all think of being healthy physically but inwardly we could actually stand to be a little healthier My personal take away from Tina s book is to remembe. Er own hard won insights as well as those of her clients in this helpful and transformative guide A blend of personal anecdotes and meaningful practical and most important actionable advice The Little Book of Big Lies is the life skills class you need to nurture the inner you and move beyond the pastIn fourteen raw personal stories Tina teaches you how to change your self perception to see yourself in the best possible light to love and honor what you see and to forge a new sense of what’s possible in every aspect of your life But make no

Hollywood veteran Tina Lifford plays the vivacious breakout character Aunt Vi on the critically acclaimed television drama ueen Sugar She has played over 100 characters in her long standing career including notable roles on Scandal and Parenthood Eually accomplished behind the camera Tina is the respected playwright of THE CIRCLE a play about how seven diverse women navigate the choppy wat